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For any questions you might have you can always send me an email, but before doing so; below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

How can I make an appointment?

I’m currently working with a booking system where I open my bookings once every few months. I will do this through an online form only. This online form asks everything I need to know about your tattoo such as design, placement, size and other info. This form is the only way to book an appointment! 

I will always announce in advance when this form will be online and when my bookings will open. When the booking form is online, it will be online for a very short period of time until I receive enough applications. The list fills up quite fast so don’t wait up with sending in your form! 



How old do I have to be to get tattooed? 

To get tattooed by me you have to be 18 years old


Can I bring a friend to the tattoo appointment? 

Bringing one person with you is no problem at all, just keep in mind that bringing more than one person is not possible, since we work in a small studio. 



I want to cancel / reschedule, what should I do?

Please let me know by email as soon as possible, at least 48 hours before the appointment. If you email me to cancel or reschedule 48 hours in advance you will keep your deposit and we can reschedule without any trouble. Appointments cancelled after that time or "no-shows" lose their deposit. You will have to put down a new deposit if you want to make a new appointment. 

If you would like to cancel the appointment and not rebook it your deposit can not be refunded. You can reschedule your appointment 2 times while keeping your deposit. If you'd like to reschedule for a third time you have to put down a new deposit. 



When will I see my design? 

I will email you your design shortly before your appointment. Unfortunately I can't send it earlier. 


How do I prepare for my tattoo session?

Make sure you're well rested and you've eaten well before the session. During the session I suggest to bring snacks and something to drink. Don't drink alcohol / take drugs before your appointment! if you take any medication, let me know beforehand as this can affect your tattoo. 


How do I take care of my new tattoo?

After the tattoo session I will provide you with an aftercare form that we will go through together. 

Do you do (scar) coverups?

It depends on the scars but usually it's possible! On general tattoo cover ups, I only do them when I think it's possible within my style of tattooing. Please contact me before making an appointment to see if it's possible to get a coverup! 


What are the payment options?
Cash or direct bank transfer


Are touch ups included?

A touch up for your tattoo is included for free if you come back within a year. After a year a touch up is still possible, but I will ask our studio's starting fee of 75 euros.

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