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I’m currently working with a booking system where I open my bookings once every few months. I will do this through an online form only. This online form asks everything I need to know about your tattoo such as design, placement, size and other info. This form is the only way to book an appointment! It is not based on first come first serve. I will read all the ideas that are sent in and I will make a selection of projects I would love to take on. Currently my priority goes to (coloured) botanical, illustrative, and japanese inspired work.


It usually takes me about 4 weeks to go through the submissions and get back to you. Unfortunately, due to the amount of interest, it's impossible for me to get back to everyone or book everyone in. If your project wasn’t selected, please submit again next time! I can only take on so many projects at a time so if your idea didn’t get picked it’s nothing personal. I will announce on my website and instagram when my bookings will open again from time to time.


If the link for the booking form is not working that means my bookings are currently closed! If you want to contact me for more information you can always send me an email.


By filling out the booking form and sending your request to me you agree to the following booking terms:

  • You are 18+ years old

  • A deposit is needed to secure the time I spend on your design (drawing, planning etc.) Deposits are non-refundable.

  • The deposit is meant for the tattoo you requested in the booking form. If you'd like to change your idea drastically after the appointment is already booked, it is possible that your deposit is no longer valid for said appointment.



I will start booking for the months march - june 2024

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